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"My mechanics and arm strength felt the best when I was following Coach LaCorte's program. Coach LaCorte helped me with my specific needs and helped take my game to the next level! I still do reverse throws and J-Bands after every outing!"
- Ryan Feltner, Ohio State, Colorado Rockies Organization

"Poor mechanics and arm strength, led to severe shoulder tendinitis last summer. I worked with Coach LaCorte during the fall and winter of 2014/2015 and gained a better understanding of how to be a better pitcher and not just a thrower. My velocity this spring is higher and more consistent than ever. I am also able to correct my mechanics while I am on the mound or between innings. Really looking forward to working with Coach LaCorte again this summer to take my game to the next level!"
- Mason Groves, 2016 RHP, Winthrop Commit 

"After visiting with Coach LaCorte I noticed a huge difference in arm strength and was able to gain 3-4 MPH on my fastball. Coach LaCorte was able to show me specifics that made me utilize my whole body and get the most out of every pitch whether it was a drill or pre pitch thoughts. He not only helped with my physical ability, but my mental side of the game. We always talked about pre pitch thoughts and what a hitter would be looking for so that we can keep him off balance. which helped me be successful in college this year when facing some of the best hitters in the nation. Without his help none of this would have been possible."
- Jarod Yoakam, Former RHP at the University of Cincinnati

"Going to Coach LaCorte was a great decision to help improve my pitching ability. One of the best things that I can say about him is he is more concerned with how you take care of your arm and body more than anything. He cares about when you throw and tries to work a schedule with you around that. Coach LaCorte makes workout based on each individual to make them the best they can be. For me, I was sitting 84-86 in the spring and after a summer of training once or twice a week with Coach LaCorte, my fastball jumped up to 86-88 and I have been touching 89. He worked on my mechanics, arm strength, and offspeed pitches to make me the best pitcher possible. I highly recommend training with him!"

-Tommy Parsons, Former RHP at Adrian College, Current RHP in the St. Louis Cardinals Organization

"Anyone who is serious about increasing their arm strength and velocity should really consider LPT. Coach LaCorte's extensive knowledge of pitching and arm care has helped me tremendously even through just one offseason. It truly was an experience I would recommend to players of all ages aspiring to take their game to that next level." -Dylan Appolloni, RHP, Bishop Watterson High School, #91 Ranked Player in '17 Class by PBR Ohio

"Working with Coach LaCorte this offseason has really helped me develop as a pitcher. Before I started working with Coach LaCorte I had command issues and had little confidence in my stuff, but after working with Coach LaCorte I could tell a difference right. My Strikeouts went up and my walks went down and my era is under 2. My offspeed is also more effective. Can't wait to get to work this summer!"-Josh Stover, RHP, Westerville North High School, #35 Ranked Player in '17 Class by PBR Ohio

"I equate my successes this spring to my training done at LPT. I would highly recommend any pitcher to be a part of the LPT program." - Sam Wilson, RHP, Dublin Jerome High School, #46 Ranked Player in '17 Class by PBR Ohio

"Our players have gone to several summer programs and individual instructors. With that being said, the difference with LPT is the understanding John has for the importance of developing relationships with the coaches of these young athletes. John goes out of his way to form a bond with local coaches and to work with coaches to develop a plan that is best for each and every athlete. Our players come back to our programs with so much knowledge and understanding of the process that they continually want to share with the rest of our program. John's constant communication has made it easy for players to supplement what we do at the school with LPT and I feel that much of our success has been due to John's willingness to teach our guys, but also to share with the coaches the process he has implemented." -Tom Marker, Head Coach, Olentangy Orange High School

"I'm a huge fan of the confidence Coach LaCorte has instilled in a number of Grove City pitchers.  His program has given them a platform on how to approach pitching in the off-season, pre-season and on the big stage.   As a coach, I couldn't be happier with how we have implemented his program into our own high school program." - Ryan Alexander, Head Coach, Grove City High School